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Deck and Fence Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning

Fleet Washing 

Graffiti Removal

Drive-thru Cleaning

Playground Sanitation

​Construction Cleaning

Pressure Washing Services

​​​​​​Residential and Commercial Exterior Cleaning​​

​Our company uses a soft wash method, usually less than 200 PSI, and relies on the right detergents and the proper dwell times to get a surface clean. The “dwell time” refers to the length of time a cleaning solution or detergent needs to remain on a surface in order for the chemicals to effectively loosen and remove the stains, grime, and debris. After the appropriate dwell time, the surface is thoroughly rinsed with low pressure, leaving behind a clean, smooth surface. Soft washing is safe and effective on all surfaces, and should be the only pressure washing method applied to most areas of your residential or commercial investment. 

Innovative Cleaning Solutions​

Commercial Kithen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

​​If you are a manager or owner of an cooking establishment there are a few VERY IMPORTANT things you need to know about the cleaning of your exhaust hood system. Always use a Certified exhaust hood cleaning company. Always abide by the frequency cleaning chart below. Not using a Certified exhaust hood cleaning company or not complying to the ccleaning chart below, could mean you are puting your establichment at risk from proper fire insurance coverage. "NFPA Code 96 - Section 11.6.1  The entire exhaust system shall be inspected by a properly trained, qualified and certified company or person (s) acceptable to the authority having jurisdictionin accordance with Table 8-3.1."

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Surface Cleaning

In order to remove tough stains from most surfaces high pressure and hot water may need to be applied to insure that the surface cleaning is done properly. Our surface cleaning techniqe is fast, safe, and affortable to all customers rather it be commercial drivethrus or gas station parking lots to residential sidewalks and driveways.